SockJS and WebSocket

WebSocket Create a simple Spring WebSocket application Add POM dependencies Add WebSocket handler In the above configuration, there is important line that is setAllowedOrigins(“*”), if we don’t have this, the WebSocket handshake request could respond with 403 request forbidden. Now I have just set up the WebSocket server. Continue, I will test it Send message … Continue reading SockJS and WebSocket

Spring Data JPA with multiple datasource

Requisition Spring Boot 1.5.11.RELEASE Spring Data JPA 1.11.11.RELEASE Hibernate 5.3.5.Final Postgres 9.4 When using Spring Data JPA together with Spring Boot. It's easily to realize that Spring Boot JDBC help to initialize one primary data source. But in reality, one application usually need more than one data source. Especially with legacy systems, this kind of … Continue reading Spring Data JPA with multiple datasource