HTTP Session

HTTP SESSIONS Before we can start examining HTTP sessions, we must first understand their purpose. When the HTTP protocol the transport mechanism of all World Wide Web transaction was first introduced, it was intended to be only a simple request/response protocol, and no state was required to be maintained between autonomous requests. This was fine … Continue reading HTTP Session


Definition A multitenancy application is a software that can be utilized by more than one customers on single instance at the same time. Requirements The application should have following criterion to prove that it’s a multi tenancy product: Customization Extension on data model: this enable customer to add some additional fields on the data model. … Continue reading Multitenancy

Differences between HTTP 1.0 vs HTTP 1.1

Host field HTTP 1.1 requires Host field by Spec HTTP 1.0 doesn't officially require Host header GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: Persistent connection HTTP 1.0 considers a connection is persistent unless keepalive header is included HTTP 1.1 considers all connections are persistent Method OPTIONS HTTP 1.1 introduces new method named OPTIONS HTTP 1.0 doesn't support … Continue reading Differences between HTTP 1.0 vs HTTP 1.1

Monitor tomcat database connection pool with JMX

Requisition: Spring Boot Spring Web MVC Spring Data JPA Postgres When building a simple web application with Spring Web MVC, Spring Data JPA. We have discussed how to establish the connection pool with Tomcat JDBC. This post mentions how to monitor Database Connection Pool with JMX. In project that use default data source from Spring … Continue reading Monitor tomcat database connection pool with JMX

What is Hypervisor ?

What is Hypervisor? Hypervisor (visor: còn gọi là tấm bảo vệ) là một software, firmware hay hardware giúp tạo và điều hành các máy ảo. PC mà trên đó hypervisor đang kiểm soát hoạt động của một hoặc nhiều máy ảo gọi là host machine. Mỗi máy ảo gọi là guest machine. Hypervisor kiểm soát … Continue reading What is Hypervisor ?