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Traffic problems in our city and how to solve them

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

With the rapid increase in number of vehicles travalling in the streets during the past few years, traffic problems have become one of the leading concerns for everyone. We must admit that most the streets are so narrow and old-fashioned that traffic jams routinely happen during the rush hours. The sewerage is no longer in good condition so many place are often flooded for hours after havy rain. The number of road accidents seem to be on increase partly because people’s awareness of the compliance with the traffic laws is very poor. Some of popular violations are jumping the red lights, exceeding speed limits and weaving back and forth is heavy traffic…In my opinion, in order to improve traffic conditions, some streets should be widened and upgraded to meet the current standard. New road should be built in densely-populated areas so as to shared heavy traffic with streets nearby. In the long-term, education of traffic laws should be popularized on the media and any violation should be punished properly and severely.

Although some traffic problems haven’t been solved for time being, we all hope some day not far from now, every thing will be put right with the determination of both people and the government.


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Men always make a better managers than women

August 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The equality between women and men is no longer a problem to debate in our modern society. Today, in many parts of the world women have the same oppotunities as men in every fields of studies and business. The number of women obtaining university degrees and taking part in ecconomic and political affairs has been largely increasing. Nevertheless, some people still think men always make better managers than women, and what are their viewpoints? Read more…

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Benifits of sports and physical exercises

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Life in the city does not allow most of us to make good use of arms and legs;  instead, we tend to increasingly to use our brain, eyes and ears. Consequently, the body seems to become weaker than it is used to be. In order to balance the development of mind and that of the body, we really need physical exercises and sports.

For those who have a busy life, fifteen minutes of doing exercise in the early morning can make them feel optimistic for the whole day. You can also manage to play some sports depending on your time and conditions. For instance, a few game of table-tennis, badminton or shutle-cock-kicking will bring suppleness to your stiff joints and muscles. Jogging regularly can surely bring you good health and stamina. Swimming is considered to be very effective in helping to keep your body fit and slim. You can also practise playing a more expensive sport, such as tennis and water-skiing, as long as your time and budget permit you. Today, the sight of old people doing calisthetics in the parks in the early morning is familiar to all of us.

All in all, the benifits we can gain from doing physical exercise or playing sports are undeniablel However, for many people, including myself, there is always a great distance from awareness to practise.

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Talk about the importance of water

May 16, 2011 1 comment

Since the beginning of time, water has continued to be an important thing to all living things. Without water nothing could live. We may change our food according to the climate of a place but we may find no substitute for water. Man has always looked for pure fresh water to slake his thirst.
Read more…

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How rich is God?500 billion for 1g light

Have you ever thought How rich my God is ? Do you imagine that we cost 500 billions VND for just 1g light? I will prove below:

Daily, life on this planet can be alive, remained and grow by using light. Over last 14 billion years, how much God poured light on to the earth? Read more…

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Talk about the importance of agriculture

Since the time men learnt to grow crops, agriculture has been the main source of food. Today, most of the people in all parts of the world,


especially in developing countries, are engaged in agricultural activities.

Human is mainly a grain-eating animal. In Asia, most of the people eat rice. In Europe, North America and Australia, wheat is the main food crop. If rice and wheat cannot be grown, millet and other cereals are grown as food crops. Though men also eat meat, they enjoy eating meat only when they take it together with rice or bread which is made from wheat. It is therefore clear that grains are the main source of man’s food, and grains are agricultural products.

Men, however, cannot live on grains alone. They need other foods too to make his meals more palatable. Therefore, they learnt to grow vegetables, potatoes and fruits. Like grains, these things come from the soil. They have to be planted and grown with great care. As a Read more…

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                  Teachers play an important part in training children, students and even peopple in their early maturity. It is a right way to say that a country’s education depend highly on teacher’s qualities. In my opion, a good teacher that are crucial for determining one as a good teacher are teacher’s sound knowledge in his major and its related fields, certain devotion to and great love for his students and his ability to inspire the students’passion for studying, beside, either in or out of class. Read more…

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