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What you should do when the arrow keys is locked in eclipse on Linux platform

When I use Eclipse IDE on a Linux machine, I usually encounter some problems when the arrow keys suddenly loose their effect. The enter and backspace key also is stuck by this way. It makes me angry and I often press these key many times to try to get out of this obstacle.
After many attempts, I can reproduce the case when this problem occur by these steps: Hover your mouse on a function to make eclipse show up its java doc popup window. Then you move your mouse and click inside that window to focus on that one. After that, you move the mouse out the java doc window and click on anywhere in the editor. By this way, the problem happens.

As my opinion, this is simply caused by the loosing of focus on your editor. The focus is still on the popup window.

With that cause, I find out the way to make the focus back on the editor. You can do something like: show up any more popup window (by right click on editor and select Quick Outline for instance) and then press Esc, the focus will back immediately and you can use your arrow keys as usual.

For conclusion: Right Click (on editor) -> Quick Outline -> press Esc key.


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