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Configure new JDK on Linux

Firstly, you go to JDK download page to download the JDK package fit to your system specification.
Following are the steps that you need to manually do with your new oracle jdk package.
+ Unpack it to the lib of machine located at: /usr/lib/jvm
+ Create the links to executable applications in folder bin of the jdk, and override all the these links in /etc/alternatives directory.

Now, you just unpack the jdk package into jvm only.Then create a small shell script to configure the JDK.

CUR_DATE=$(date +'%Y%m%d')

sudo rm -r $CUR_DATE
mkdir $CUR_DATE
sudo ln -s $JDK_DIR/bin/* $LINK_DIR/$CUR_DATE
sudo mv -f $LINK_DIR/$CUR_DATE/* $ALT_DIR/
echo 'successfully'

The script does the commands:
Go to /home/thminh/bak/link
Remove the folder named with the current date such as: ‘20141006’
Create the folder named with the current date such as: ‘20141006’
Copy the /etc/alternatives folder into /home/thminh/bak/link to backup it.
Create all the link to the execution files in ‘bin’ directory of JDK into the date folder.
Replace all links in /etc/alternatives with the links in date folder.


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