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How to make views communicate in Eclipse RCP

In eclipse Rich Client Platform programming, some times you need to keep contact between views. How can we do that?
After a couple of hours research, I found the way to make two views interact each other.
There are a few articles on web, but I think they make us embarrassed.
I will make it more shortly and clearly.
We have two views: ViewA and ViewB.
In this case: we assume that ViewB is the event sender, and ViewA is the rest one, the receiver.
So now, what we have to do with each of them.
we have to register the selection provider to the SelectionService of workbench. That simply we put this in the function createPartControl of ViewB:

private TreeViewer treeView;
public void createPartControl(Composite parent){
     treeView=new TreeViewer(parent,SWT.MULTI);
     treeView.setContentProvider(new TreeContentProvider());
     treeView.setLabelProvider(new TreeLabelProvider());
     this.getSite().setSelectionProvider(this.treeView);//the one i mentioned above -> we have just registered the           SelectionProvider

This is the receiver, it consume the selection service.
We have two thing needed to be done:
First: create the listener object
In this view, we create an listener for the selection when it is changed(from ViewB).

private final ISelectionListener outLineSelectionChangedListener = new ISelectionListener()
        public void selectionChanged(IWorkbenchPart sourcepart, ISelection selection)
            if (sourcepart != ConnectionEditor.this)
                if (selection instanceof IStructuredSelection)
                    Object o = ((IStructuredSelection) selection).getFirstElement();
                    if (o instanceof ConnectionOutlineField)
                        ConnectionOutlineField data = (ConnectionOutlineField) o;
                        if (data != null)
                            // TODO do something with the received object

Above ConnectionOutlineField object is the object on the tree viewer of mine.
Second: we create register the listener to Selection Service. In the createPartControl function, we put this at the end.

public void createPartControl(Composite parent)

As the resume, with the sender part, we set the selection provider(1) through setSelectionProvider(TreeViewer) function. Otherwise, with the receiver part, we create the listener(2), and register that listener(3). So, just 3 steps you have to do if you want two views communicate each other.


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