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Read and write a txt file in C#

In the case you want to read or write some short information from or into a text file, Csharp supports a simple way for you in System.IO.File. You create a text file in directory “C:\\config.txt” and then:
Read file
There are some lines in above file, and each line has its own meaning, so you need to read every line and write into a list or an array like this:

private void readFile()
    string[] lines = System.IO.File.ReadAllLines(@"C:\config.txt");
    //then you can convert every element of the array into the data you want

Write file
You have some information need to be stored in a text file, you can use the below function:

private void writeFile()
    string[] lines = { lstCube.Count.ToString(), numOfXRect.ToString(), count.ToString() };

Are they so simple,hihi, i just want to store in case i need.:D

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