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Traffic problems in our city and how to solve them

With the rapid increase in number of vehicles travalling in the streets during the past few years, traffic problems have become one of the leading concerns for everyone. We must admit that most the streets are so narrow and old-fashioned that traffic jams routinely happen during the rush hours. The sewerage is no longer in good condition so many place are often flooded for hours after havy rain. The number of road accidents seem to be on increase partly because people’s awareness of the compliance with the traffic laws is very poor. Some of popular violations are jumping the red lights, exceeding speed limits and weaving back and forth is heavy traffic…In my opinion, in order to improve traffic conditions, some streets should be widened and upgraded to meet the current standard. New road should be built in densely-populated areas so as to shared heavy traffic with streets nearby. In the long-term, education of traffic laws should be popularized on the media and any violation should be punished properly and severely.

Although some traffic problems haven’t been solved for time being, we all hope some day not far from now, every thing will be put right with the determination of both people and the government.



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