"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life"

Men always make a better managers than women

The equality between women and men is no longer a problem to debate in our modern society. Today, in many parts of the world women have the same oppotunities as men in every fields of studies and business. The number of women obtaining university degrees and taking part in ecconomic and political affairs has been largely increasing. Nevertheless, some people still think men always make better managers than women, and what are their viewpoints?

Being a manager in the present time, one have not only an intelligent mind but also good health and endurance. A woman is not less intelligent than a man, but she can not be physically compared with him. Women may outdo men in patience in some jobs but they are inferior to men in the occupations that required strength and firm determination. Managers are required to travel a lot, take part in numerous business meetings and make decisions time and again. Whereas, most women wish for an ordinary life with a harmonious family and they would rather get busy with housework than social business. Obviously, if they want to be good wives and mothers, they can not away from home all the time as most managers have to.

Besides, one of feminine characteristics is leniency which is a weak point for a person in command since a manager in times must be cold and firm in his decision. Briefly, althought the sexual discrimination is now considered out-of-date, it is undeniable that there are some occupations which are better suited to men than women and vice versa.


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