"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life"

Benifits of sports and physical exercises

Life in the city does not allow most of us to make good use of arms and legs;  instead, we tend to increasingly to use our brain, eyes and ears. Consequently, the body seems to become weaker than it is used to be. In order to balance the development of mind and that of the body, we really need physical exercises and sports.

For those who have a busy life, fifteen minutes of doing exercise in the early morning can make them feel optimistic for the whole day. You can also manage to play some sports depending on your time and conditions. For instance, a few game of table-tennis, badminton or shutle-cock-kicking will bring suppleness to your stiff joints and muscles. Jogging regularly can surely bring you good health and stamina. Swimming is considered to be very effective in helping to keep your body fit and slim. You can also practise playing a more expensive sport, such as tennis and water-skiing, as long as your time and budget permit you. Today, the sight of old people doing calisthetics in the parks in the early morning is familiar to all of us.

All in all, the benifits we can gain from doing physical exercise or playing sports are undeniablel However, for many people, including myself, there is always a great distance from awareness to practise.


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