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Config to connect to your SQLServer (for java)

Make a connection to database from java with IDE NetBean

  1. Create a new login account to your Sqlserver

Login to SQLServer by the Window Authetication account

Now, you create a account by select Securityà Logins (right click)àNew Login…


In the window,you enter a new account (above is “prmhuitedu”), and set the password for it.

Note: In Status tab (of above window) you choose

+ Permission connect to database engin : Grant

+ Login: Enable

Now, you set the security property for your server by opening the properties window


You will see this:


Choose the properties as the above picture, then select OK button.

You have just finnished establish a new login account


  1. Log in to SQLServer with the new log in

Sign out the Window Authentication account and log in  with SQL Server Authentication account


  1. Change the TCP/IP Port for the server

Open SQL Server Configuration Manager from your SQLServer Express Edition


Select Enabled for TCP/IP, then


Select IP Address tab



Scroll down to find IP All

Set the TCP Port 5530 to make all the TCP Ports to 5530 à OK

Now, you just restart the server by



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