"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life"

Why do you go to university

Why go to university?

There are many ways for a man to take part in the life such as: to stop learning to find a job, to learn to work any job, or just stay at home for helping parent…But, as for me, the best way is goinh to a university. Why should we go to university in oder ones?
In the past time, our people had a little occasion to continue their learning. They even didn’t have money enough to finish learning at heigh school. But, now as you know, we have a lot of chances to go on our study. Logically, after finish the 12th grade, we apply for a study of the 13th grade. And for usual, now we should stop learning with an university.
Secondly, in today modern society, we will not know how to find a job with no qualification. Nowaday, people work with their knowledge. All the machines, and high-tech equipments, you know, if we do not know anything, we can not use it correctly and usefully for already.
The third reason we have to mention is every one have his own favourite job and hobby. Some ones are good at learning, some ones like to be teacher, the others want to become doctor or any one need a healthy body with strong muscles…In every position, every one of us should realise what our forte is. And then, we should have our own way to reach our gold. Anyway, we have to learn to get better in and …be come what we want to be.

In other important aspect, we really can do many things in the present, but it is gradually hard to get heigher level in that job for future. Day after day, sience and technoloogy are always improving in fact. And, we have to have ability of update our knowledge to keep pace with the development of the modern life.


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